We are a soul-driven Dubai-based design studio. We specialize in brand identity design & interior styling.


We are honored to work with a variety of businesses

including influencers, wellness centers, home stores, beauty brands, and F&B companies, as well as local enterprises.
In the midst of collaborating with a diverse spectrum of clients, our resolute commitment to safeguarding our distinctive design philosophy stands unwavering. This consistency not only showcases our adaptability across industries but also underscores our steadfast pursuit of creativity and innovation.

Meet Our Founder

Hey there, I’m Sangeeta! Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet. My passion for design has been a part of me for as far back as I can recall. Be it painting, sketching, or the realm of interior design, I have an insatiable appetite for it all! The journey of creativity fills me with immense happiness – from conceiving fresh concepts to giving them tangible existence. To be completely candid, I consider myself incredibly fortunate as I have the opportunity to indulge in what I adore each and every day. Design is the essence that completes my life.



1 | Branding

We adopt a collaborative and strategic approach to ensure that your brand effectively connects with your target audience. Our passion lies in bringing your vision to life using a combination of vivid colors, typography, composition, and captivating imagery. Whether you are introducing a new brand or seeking to revitalize an existing one, we are committed to supporting you throughout the design process.

2 | Editorial Design

We have over 15 years of experience in editorial design, which allows us to create high-quality publications that captivate readers and convey your message effectively. Our services cover a range of print and digital media, including magazines and catalogues. From concept development to layout design, typography, and image selection, our expert designers craft visually stunning publications that engage your audience. Let us bring your vision to life.

3 | Styling

We specialize in art directing & styling sets to produce unified imagery. Our editorial experience provides us with comprehensive insight into the kinds of images that magazine editors seek. We have collaborated closely with home and beauty brands to style images and videos tailored for web and social media platforms. Our areas of specializtaion are Interior styling, flat lay styling, creative and art direction

4 | Interior Design

Our services encompass a wide spectrum of design solutions to transform your space. We curate personalized color schemes, select furniture & decor pieces, optimize spatial layout, and blend functionality with aesthetics seamlessly. Our expertise extends to creating cohesive themes, incorporating textures, and sourcing unique accessories, resulting in captivating interiors that reflect your individual style and elevate your living experience.



Get ready to elevate your brand/interiors

We don’t just make pretty designs. We’re here to help you dream big and get clear on your business goals, while also providing you with everything you need to turn those dreams into reality! Whether you’re starting from scratch and need help building a visual brand identity, want to infuse your space with the latest interior design trends, or you’re an established brand looking for a complete visual refresh, we’ve got your back.”